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Eco Board

We love this stuff. It is very rigid, flat, and prints like a dream through our direct UV print system. The majority of the board is made from post consumer product that completely biodegrades and recycles. If you are looking for a green alternative to conventional foamcore or gatorfoam solutions, this is it.

We had tested and used a version from a manufacturer that was made in South Africa. It worked well at first, but later batches were not flat enough for our demands. Plus, shipping something almost half way around the world is not the most eco friendly solution. Then we tested a similar product that was made in the US. But it would fall apart when we cut the edges. It left a messy, fuzzy edge that really worked against our strict clean shop efforts.

Now, we think we’ve found the best solution. It is available in 0.25″ and 0.5″ thicknesses, lays flat, prints and cuts great, and is still made from a huge majority of post consumer product.

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